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So... Tell me about the Country Yurt in 2 mins.

Two dogs, two children and a cat later we are still glamping. It's been ten years since we set up our very first site with the support of the Prince's Trust. 


From a very green business start-up with a rickety tipi to two beautiful secluded yurts, painstakingly perfected over the years to give you the lost-in-the-wilderness experience you deserve.


We are passionate about captivating the romance and magic of sleeping under the stars without compromising comfort, style or amenities.


The healing powers of nature are second to none. Somehow, waking up to birdsong, padding outside in your slippers and sipping a coffee under a warm blanket helps you find yourself. 


And hundreds of guests before you can testify to that.


What you'll find at the Country Yurt:


☑️  A secluded retreat, only you have access to everything offered at the Country Yurt.

☑️  A hot tub bubbling away, just outside for long soaks and phenomenal star gazing. Count how many shooting stars you see.

☑️  Three fires 🔥 for our back-to-nature Bear Grylls survivor types out there. Or, if you've never lit a fire in your life, it's the chance for you to conquer fire lighting, an impressive skill to have in the bag. Wood for the fires is part of the price you pay (we don't believe in hidden costs), so go wild.

Joe offers first-class fire lighting lessons for free with your stay.

☑️  The woodland walk, board games and croquet to keep you busy, if relaxing in the hammock with a good book for hours isn't your cup of tea. 

☑️ More than double our carbon produced is offset in Malawi, through an awe-inspiring social enterprise where people in Malawi use the trees we've planted (on their land) as a business. Totally transforming their lives from small-scale farming (barely able to put food on the table) to having cash flow and making well beyond the £1.50/day average income. What a way to make a difference.

☑️ Last but not least, we are dog friendly. We have our own doggos, and we love taking them on holiday with us, so bring along your dog(s) to enjoy the yurt and woodland walk too. At no extra charge.

So why not leave behind the stress and strain of working late, seven days a week. Stop wondering who you are and where you've lost yourself in the hustle. It's easy to re-set and find your way with a little bit of space and an outdoor fire. 

Just don't forget to pack your slippers. 

See you soon,

Joe & Beth x

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