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Our new website, availability and online booking system can be found here at

Escape and loose yourself in 

delightful secret glamping spot in West Wales. 

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Glamping has never been more popular than right now.  

So there has never been a better time to jump on the wagon and give it a go yourself. 

The Country Yurt is glamping for romantic adventurers, free spirits and busy workaholics, who want to escape everyday pressures and sink into an alternate world of simple pleasure.


On this holiday, you'll enjoy your own-back-to-nature private glamping experience, with a hot tub all to yourselves. The Country Yurt has a fully functional kitchen, bathroom and outdoor pizza oven, to create the perfect getaway, turning stress and anxiety into peace and relaxation. 


We have left nothing out. 


Everything you could imagine or need is waiting for you at the yurt. You'll discover the same refreshing and invigorating recharge that hundreds of guests before you have found, time and time again.

The Area

Get the County Yurts'
jaw-dropping guide to West Wales

Discover 10 out-of-this-world unmissable places you need to visit

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Who thought ten years ago we'd be here?

In 2010 Joe and I were rookie glampers. We took our student heads out of books and lectures for a weekend and escaped to a pretty vardo parked up in a garden in West Wales. 


(Vardo - a traditional horse-drawn wagon used by British Romanichal Travellers). 


Back then, you could only adventure to rustic tipis, wagons and the odd basic yurt.


And guess what, that little vardo oozed potential and charm; immediately, we knew what we wanted to do. 

Unemployed uni grads broke and naive, we started to dream!


Naive and a little crazy, we got our lucky break.


The Prince's Trust took a punt on us, booked us onto courses, whipped us into shape and gave us a start-up grant and small business loan.


We had no idea then how popular glamping would become. We simply knew we loved it and could make something extraordinary, and now we hope you enjoy our little slice of heaven too.


Beth & Joe  x

The Tipi

Don't just take it from us

"This is our 8th time and we love it you get away from all the busy cars. My favourite thing is the rope swing it's sooo fun and I like sitting on the sofa watching the rain come down and we loved picking blackberries and raspberries. My dad found a ripe pear and he said it was yummy. My brother and I love the woodland walk"
The Watts

Our communication is like fine wine. we send our availability and take bookings via email, the gentile old and very personalised way.
You will receive an email from us within hours, click the link to get in touch with us, we can't wait to talk with you. ❤️

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